Plan Safe Events
With Venue Twin

Venue Twin is the ultimate way to plan event operations and venue security.

Ambulance outside stadium in Venue Twin

Plan for Any Scenario

Fly-through your venue from any angle any time, and define every aspect of your security plan. Collaborate with all stakeholders and key security personnel to position barriers, staff, crowd flow, exit points and more. 

Infrastructure at stadium in Venue Twin

Position everything you need

Define and show where security staff, barriers, entrance and exit points, and so much more in your Venue Twin.

Venue Twin on computer screen

Scenario Planning any time

Test any scenario in your Venue Twin easily and effectively before events take place, ensuring safe events at your venue.

Area surrounding stadium in Venue Twin

Surrounding areas covered

Collaborate with security services and partners so you can all visually see the security plan for your venue and its surroundings, any time. 

How do Digital Twins
Help Manage Crowd Safety?

Venue Twin can help prevent dangerous events. Use a digital twin to practice and visualise safety protocols, control and better anticipate large crowds, and plan emergency drills. 

Visualise crowd flow to plan efficiently

Run drills and security exercises digitally to ensure crowd and venue safety. Empower your venue’s safety plan with these and other tools in Venue Twin.

Venue Twin will make
Your Venue Safer

Drive your safety protocols with a Venue Twin of your venue.

24/7 Access to Your Venue

View and update your Venue Twin any time you want, from anywhere. 

Centimeter-Accurate Planning

Developed by security specialists, Venue Twin ensures accurate planning.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Control who accesses your Venue Twin – colleagues, partners, local authorities & more.

Seamless integration
with OnePlan

Venue Twin is powered by OnePlan meaning any change you make in either platform is instantly updated in the other. Import your existing CAD, plan with centimeter accuracy, independently on any floor level of your venue.