Venue Planning &
Fan Experiences

Create a fully interactive digital twin of your venue
Stadium infrastructure Venue Twin

The new standard for Event Planning

Plan your venue operations in a hyper-realistic, interactive Venue Twin, with the full suite of event planning, design and management tools.

Sell Seats, Suites
and Advertising

Empower your sales teams to sell hospitality, tickets, sponsorship and advertising, with a powerful ‘second venue’ that can be accessed 24/7. 

Advertising sign in Venue Twin

What is a Venue Twin?

A Venue Twin is a hyper-realistic, interactive digital twin of a stadium, arena or any venue. It’s used to plan events, security and venue operations, and to sell ticketing, client hospitality and advertising for the real-world venue. 

Venue Twin is a game-changer. It has so many useful tools. It gives a much better view of what events will look like in a venue."

Jason Fesyk, Supervisor for Stadium and Major Event Facilities
Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton

The new way to Plan & Sell

Empower your sales team with a Venue Twin to showcase the advertising and hospitality opportunities of your real-world venue. Change branding at the touch of a button, and design suites in stunning detail. 

Create your Most Valuable Venue
for new operational and sales opportunities

From event planning to selling tickets and corporate hospitality, empower your teams’ collaboration with a fully interactive Venue Twin.

Sport Stadiums

Create content and collaborate with broadcasters at your sports venue

Music Venues

Plan lighting and stage design for concerts and festivals within your Venue Twin

Entertainment Arenas

Optimise your placement of staff, signs and advertising for concerts and shows