The visual way to manage venues

Manage your entire venue, inside and out, remotely in a 3D digital twin

Plan your venue in 2D

Our venue customers start with OnePlan, our 2D mapping solution that lets teams collaborate to plan events for match days and non-match days including conferences, tours and hospitality. 

Visualize your venue in a 3D digital twin

Venue Twin enables efficient, day-to-day management of your real-world venue. It lets your teams manage operations, facilities, security, train staff and more. 

One Venue Twin, multiple uses

One single source of truth for your entire organisation, that you can give access to colleagues, partners, suppliers, local authorities and any stakeholders.

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Award-winning, easy to use digital twin platform

Best Technology for Venues & Operations 2022
Innovation finalist 2022
Best Event Management Platform 2021
Innovation finalist 2022
Winner, Sports Innovation 2022

Instantly see any item you place in 2D or 3D

OnePlan and Venue Twin is powered by a shared database, meaning any items instantly are updated in the 2D and digital twin views.

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Venue Twin has base features and bespoke features you can customise for your needs
Triathlon in Venue Twin


Commonwealth Stadium in Venue Twin

Environmental Conditions

Venue Twin on computer screen

Export videos

Learn how Venue Twin is a game-changer for Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton

Camera operator in Venue Twin

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Best Technology for Venues & Operations 2022