Smart cities, planned together

VenueTwin is a 3D digital twin platform powered by OnePlan


Powered by our award-winning GIS mapping solution, our VenueTwins are centimetre-accurate with an incredible level of detail.


Place and move any object in your city, designing security, traffic management, crowd flows and more.


Collaborate with your colleagues, partners and all stakeholders instantly, with real-time dashboard reports.

city street in Venue Twin

Accessible city planning

VenueTwin opens new ways to consider the needs of people living in cities, including how infrastructure and traffic management is designed for people with greater accessibility needs.

Sustainability in innovation

Our 3D digital twin software enables city planning to be done remotely, reducing the need for site visits and the associated CO2 / GHG emissions.

river in city in Venue Twin

Learn more about our Features

VenueTwin has a set of base and advanced features you can customise as you want. 

Official Supporter of GIS Mapping and Digital Twin Software for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

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