What is Venue Twin?

Venue Twin is an interactive digital twin of your real-world venue

Plan events & security

Access, view and interact with a hyper-realistic virtual version of your stadium, arena or any venue.

Sell hospitality & conferences

Generate incremental revenue by using Venue Twin as a B2B sales tool. Design spaces and export videos as you need.

Train workforce and partners

Reduce costs by conducting virtual walkthroughs remotely within Venue Twin for your team, partners and suppliers.

Easily switch between 2D and 3D views

Venue Twin is powered by OnePlan, the award-winning GIS mapping software. With a shared database, it means any changes you make to your venue are instantly shown in both OnePlan and Venue Twin. 

Learn more about our features

Venue Twin has base features and bespoke features you can customise for your needs

The venue solution trusted by the world's leading organizations

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